World Pet Memorial Day and Best Friends Day

dog and cat faces

Today has been declared ‘World Pet Memorial Day’ and ‘Best Friend’s Day’

While many social media days are just for fun, or even downright silly, today we acknowledge two that are near and dear to our hearts at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic.

First, is World Pet Memorial Day – a time to reflect on cherished four-legged friends and family members who are no longer physically with us but live on in our hearts – we hope your memories bring you joy and comfort today and always.

Many people, however, truly struggle with the loss of a beloved pet and it can be a time of overwhelming and complex emotions and grief. Whether it be talking to a friend or family member or seeking professional help – it is important to reach out and get the help you need! It might also be helpful to know there are many other resources available to help guide and support you.  At Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, we will often commemorate a beloved pet by donating in their name to the Ontario Veterinary College’s Pet Trust Fund.  This wonderful and unique organization not only funds valuable research to help pets live longer, healthier lives but it also recognizes the depth of the bond between people and pets.  Their website is a source for many helpful resources and links for individuals or families coping with the loss of a pet.  Please see link here:


Secondly, it is Best Friends Day – again a time to reflect on and honour those important individuals in our lives who provide us with unwavering love and support – many of whom just happen to have four legs!

How will you honour those important four-legged friends and family members that share your life and the ones who live on in your heart?

Wishing you a comforting World Pet Memorial Day and a Happy Best Friends Day!